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Our network's ZackyTools Installer is a FREE software application installer you get with every paid web hosting plan. It includes 50 popular software applications. You can setup any of the following software products with just one click of the mouse: CMS, Web Site Builders, Blogs, Discussion Boards, Image Galleries, GuestBooks, eCommerce Solutions, Customer Support Management systems, Ad Management, Calendar, Groupware, Polls & Surveys, Wikies, Social Networks, Web Analytics, Bug Tracking, Web Forms CMS. ZackyTools Installer is your helpful assistant - no technical knowledge required!

Content Management System (CMS)

The idea behind a CMS is to allow the content manager or the author to manage the creation, modification and removal of web content such as computer files, image and audio files, electronic documents, etc. Here is a list of various powerful web content management tools suitable for both novices and experts alike to efficiently manage their web space: Joomla, Mambo, Pligg, Xoops, Drupal, Zenphoto, ocPortal, PhpGedView, SimplePie, PHP-Nuke, e107.
Joomla is a custom friendly one-click install tool with powerful content management features. It supports numerous services such as document management, eCommerce engines, email newsletters, forums, blogging software, etc.
e107 is a content management system written in PHP and using the popular open source MySQL database system for content storage. It's completely free, totally customisable and in constant development.
Mambo is a fully-featured content management system which is perfectly suitable for personal and/or corporate use. It enables you, without installing any further software to syndicate content, manage banners and set up surveys and polls. Mambo is also commonly used to create Web blogs.
PHP-Nuke is a news automated system specially designed to be used in Internet. With PHP-Nuke you have control over your whole website and the registered users. It also has a very user friendly interface.
Pligg CMS is open source software used by web professionals to create web communities similar to Digg or Reddit. Pligg is among the world's most popular content management systems and powers thousands of websites.
SimplePie is a very fast and easy-to-use class, written in PHP, that puts the 'simple' back into 'really simple syndication'. Flexible enough to suit beginners and veterans alike, SimplePie is focused on speed, ease of use, compatibility and standards compliance.
Drupal is a free software package that allows an individual or a community of users to easily publish, manage and organize a wide variety of content on a website. The functionality, combined with the freely available add-on modules, will enable many features.
Xoops is a dynamic php based web content management system. The flexibility of this user-friendly tool enables the creation of a wide range of dynamic community websites, intra company portals, corporate portals, etc.
PhpGedView is a revolutionary program which allows you to view and edit your genealogy on your website. PhpGedView has full editing capabilities, full privacy functions, can import from GEDCOM files, and supports multimedia like photos and document images. PhpGedView also simplifies the process of collaborating with others working on your family tree. Your latest genealogy information is always on your website and available for others to see.
ocPortal is a cutting-edge CMS with advanced content, community, interactive and dynamic features. Fully flexible, themeable and extendible: suitable for building almost any kind of website.
Zenphoto is more than a gallery for images. It also features multimedia support for audio and video and is even capable of running your entire portfolio website including a news section (blog) and custom pages. This makes Zenphoto the ideal CMS for illustrators, artists, designers, photographers, film makers and musicians to manage their images and multimedia.

Web Site Builders

It might take you years to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to create a simple web site. If you don't have the time, energy or money to invest in this process - use Soholaunch, BasicPages, Concrete5 and get your multifunctional web site up and running in a few easy steps!
BasicPages is a free Open Source Website Publishing Platform Built on PHP. It is easy to use and perfect if you want to create a simple site. A few clicks and you are are really done.
Soholaunch is 'the' fully-featured Web Site Builder perfect for both novices and experts alike to efficiently create and grow their own web space. Its various tools are designed to work together and put you in full control of the layout of your site via one installation click.
Concrete5 is an open source complete CMS solution that would allow you to build up a site the way you do it with what you see is what you get editor. Concrete5 also provides various of plugins allowing design and functionality scalability to the highest possible extend.

Web Blogs

Web Blog is a website, usually maintained by an individual with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events or other material such as graphics or video. A typical blog combines texts, images, audio files, links to other pages, etc. You can create quickly and easily your personal weblog with one of the following software procucts: Nucleus, WordPress, b2evolution, Pixelpost.
b2evolution is a multi-lingual, multi-user, multi-blog publishing system written in PHP and backed by a MySQL database.
WordPress is a precious tool for every beginner that wants to create a personal web blog. It is a personal publishing script that enables you to customize your blog, upload, categorize and tag photos. It has also numerous privacy options, spam protection, etc to get your web blog up and running with minimum effort and no costs.
Nucleus allows even novices to set up and efficiently manage web blogs - upload, download and back up content without FTP program, ban undesired comments, etc. It grants you full control over your web site and is compatible with a great variety of blog tools such as w.Bloggar, Ecto, Zampt.
Pixelpost is an open-source, standards-compliant, multi-lingual, fully extensible photoblog application for the web. Anyone who has a premium hosting account with us install and use Pixelpost for free!

Discussion Boards

Discussion Board refers to forum or message board. In general means online discussion site. If you want to share an opinion with the world, you have a brain-teaser or you are simply addict to a particular subject, create quickly and easily your online forum and invite users all over the internet to participate and discuss with you. The following Discussion Boards are available: phpBB, bbPress, PunBB, SimpleMachines.
phpBB is the best Open Source solution for online forums. It combines impressive functionality with custom-friendly administration panel.
bbPress is a forum that is light simple, but at the same time feature rich forum board. If you have ever been frustrated with forum or bulletin board software that was slow, bloated and always got hacked then bbPress is the right solution for you. bbPress is focused on web standards, ease of use, ease of integration, and speed.
PunBB is a fast and lightweight PHP-powered discussion board. Its primary goals are to be faster, smaller and less graphically intensive as compared to other discussion boards. PunBB has fewer features than many other discussion boards, but is generally faster and outputs smaller, semantically correct XHTML-compliant pages.
Simple Machines Forum (SMF) is a powerful template engine using PHP and MySQL. It enables you to set up your own community via numerous bulletin board features with a click of a mouse. SMF is designed to integrate perfectly with other content management software i.e. Mamboo, Xoops, iGaming, etc.

Image Galleries

A picture is sometimes the best way to express yourself. Share your point of view, personal experiences, favorite people and places in images. Create your online gallery now, and send a link to your family, friends and users all over the world with our multi-functional tool. The following Image Galleries can be installed FREE and AUTOMATICALLY within any paid web hosting account: Coppermine, 4images.
Coppermine is a fully featured picture gallery script that runs with almost every web server software. You want to create multiple photo albums, invite your friends to make a comment on them, use different skins - Coppermine is the best tool for you.
4images is a powerful web-based image gallery management system that includes comment system, user registration and management. It also offers templates, which makes customization easier.


GuestBook is a logging system that allows visitors of a website to leave a public comment. Generally it does not require to create a user account. Creating a guestbook is the best way to stay in touch with your friends, family and people who visit your site. The following GuestBooks can be installed FREE and AUTOMATICALLY within any paid web hosting account: GBook.
Setup GBook for your website if you want to know what your visitors think about your website. E-mail notifications, delete inappropriate messages, manually approve new posts, limit the length of comments, the number of emoticons per post, keywords filtering are just some of the features that GBook offers.

eCommerce Solutions

eCommerce Solution refers to software procucts that help you selling products over Internet. These are but not limited to Shopping Carts and other additional modules. The following Shopping Carts can be installed FREE and AUTOMATICALLY within any paid web hosting account: OpenCart, Oscommerce, Zencart, CubeCart, PrestaShop, TomatoCart.
OpenCart is a famous and free opensource shopping cart solution. Designed feature rich, easy to use, search engine friendly and with a visually appealing interface it is a suitable solution for the onew who are looking to set up an online shop at no cost.
Oscommerce is an open source eCommerce solution. Its large set of features enables you to setup a multilingual eCommerce site ranging from a simple template based store to the integration of a complex visual concept. It has both a Catalogue frontend and an Administration backend that manages all data necessary for the proper running of your online store.
Zencart allows both beginners and web developers alike to efficiently create, maintain and run successfully an online store with minimum skills and effort and without any costs. ZenCart is particularly designed to meet all requirements of both merchants and shoppers.
CubeCart is a complete ecommerce shopping cart software solution. With CubeCart you can quickly setup a powerful online store to sell digital or tangible products to new and existing customers globally. CubeCart has a vast user base allowing merchants to sell anything from movies to motorbikes.
PrestaShop is an open-source e-commerce free software for Web 2.0. It is the first E-Commerce project to be granted the Open-Source Award. Looking for a reliable solution for your business. Look no further.
TomatoCart is one of the newest but already a leading and fast developing open source shopping cart software solution. It allows to put your business online with ease and security.

Customer Support Management

Customer Support Management is customer support tool for closer touch and better communication with clients. The following Customer Support Management systems can be installed FREE and AUTOMATICALLY within any paid web hosting account: phpFreeChat, Crafty Syntax, Help Center Live, Simple Invoices, X7Chat, osTicket.
phpFreeChat is a free, simple to install, fast, customizable and multi languages chat that uses a simple filesystem for message and nickname storage. It supports multi-rooms, private messages, moderation, customized themes based on CSS and plugins systems that allows you to write your own storage routines, and you own chat commands!
Crafty Syntax Live Help is an open source live support solution that helps customer support with live help functionality. Crafty Syntax includes a large range of features to allow multiple operators, multiple departments and multiple languages to be used. Some of the other features include: creation of your own questions, auto inviting visitors, referrer tracking, page tracking, sound alert, push urls, quick responses, etc.
Help Center Live is an open source, community driven live chat & support system. You can provide live support on your website easily, the same as large companies do with little work. Using Help Center Live, you can provide a real-time, live support or sales person experience.
Simple Invoices is a free, open source, web based invoicing system that you can install on your hosting account with us. Easily track your finances, send invoices as PDF's and hundreds of other great features.
osTicket is a widely used open source support ticket system. It seamlessly integrates inquiries created via email and web-based forms into a simple, easy to use multi-user web interface. Easily manage, organize and archive all your support requests and responses in one place while providing your clients with accountability and responsiveness they deserve.
X7Chat ia a PHP chat script with unlimited users, rooms, and messages, IRC style commands and full message formatting.

Ad Management

Ad Management is software application for newletters, managing selling and delivery of online advertising inventory. The following Ad Management systems can be installed FREE and AUTOMATICALLY within any paid web hosting account: PHPlist, poMMo.
PHPlist is an open source newsletter manager, which is easy to integrate with any website. Phplist is designed to manage mailing lists with lots of subscribers, it has customizable templates, attaching files is no longer an issue and many other features.
poMMo is versatile mass mailing software. It can be used to add a mailing list to your Web site or to organize stand alone mailings. Unique Features such as the ability to mail subsets of your subscribers set it apart from alternatives. poMMo is written in PHP and freely provided under the GPL.


Calendar is system, where visitors can post comments for events, optional e-mail notification for approved/rejected events, adding picture galleries and other features. The following Calendar can be installed FREE and AUTOMATICALLY within any paid web hosting account: ExtCalendar, WebCalendar.
ExtCalendar is a powerful multi-user web-based calendar application. Features include Multi-Languages, Themes, Recurrent Events, Categories, Users and Groups management, Environment and General Settings, Template Configuration, Product Updates.
WebCalendar is a PHP-based calendar application that can be configured as a single-user calendar, a multi-user calendar for groups of users, or as an event calendar viewable by visitors.

Groupware Tools

Groupware is software designed to help people involved in a common task achieve their goals. The following Groupware applications can be installed FREE and AUTOMATICALLY with any paid web hosting account: Feng Office, PHProjekt.
Feng Office is a project management services based on an integrated set of software and technology that improve productivity and communication; facilitating collaboration, information, and knowledge management.
PHProjekt is a modular application used for coordinating group activities and to share documents/information over the web.

Polls and Survey

Polls & Survey are software procucts for creating and maintaining Polls and Surveys gather results and view statistics. The following Polls & Surveys can be installed FREE and AUTOMATICALLY withing any paid web hosting plan: LimeSurvey.
LimeSurvey is containing everything you need for doing nearly every survey with grace. Some of its features are: Unlimited number of surveys at the same time, multi-lingual surveys, user management, creation of a printable survey version, assessment surveys, anonymous and not-anonymous survey and many others.


Wiki refers to the following software applications: DokuWiki, TikiWiki, MediaWiki. DokuWiki aims to create documentation of any kind. TikiWiki is a Groupware/CMS solution. MediaWiki is free server-based software.
DokuWiki is a standards compliant, simple to use Wiki, mainly aimed at creating documentation of any kind. It is perfect for developer teams, workgroups and small companies. It has a simple, yet powerful syntax, which makes sure the data files remain readable outside the Wiki.
TikiWiki is a Groupware/CMS (Content Management System) solution. TikiWiki features - Wikis, Forums, Blogs, Articles, Image Gallery, Link Directory, Multilingual, Bug tracker and much more.
MediaWiki is free server-based software. It is designed for websites that get millions of hits per day. MediaWiki is an extremely powerful and a feature-rich wiki implementation.

Social Networks

Social Networks Content Management Systems would help you create a platform similar to FaceBook, Twitter and etc. If you want to keep up with the latest web tendencies social network site is a must. With all our paid hosting plans currently pre-installed are: BuddyPress, Elgg.
With BuddyPress you can build a social network for your company, school, sports team or niche community all based on the power and flexibility of WordPress. BuddyPress is completely free open source and allows you to stay in control of your site and create a totally customized, unique experience.
With Elgg is an award-winning social networking engine, delivering the building blocks that enable businesses, schools, universities and associations to create their own fully-featured social networks and applications.

Bug Tracking

We are all human beings and we all make mistakes. It is good to have something that will track your errors, which most of the time are causing the bugs in your site scripts. Again with 1 lick only you will be able to install: Mantis.
With MantisBT is a free popular web-based bugtracking system. It is written in the PHP scripting language and works with MySQL and PostgreSQL databases and a webserver.

Web Forms CMS

During the dawn of internet it was almost impossible to build a web site with out having a serious programming background. Now you can even build forms easily. Whether it is a contact form or sign up form phpFormGenerator will suite you right.
With phpFormGenerator is a an easy, online tool for creating reliable, efficient, and variable web forms. No programming of any sort is required: phpFormGenerator generates the HTML code, the form processor code, and the field validation code automatically via an easy interface.

Web Analytics

Even if you have a personal web site it is good to know who visited it, how often, what pages exactly are visited and etc. Of course if you have a business related site Web Analytics are a must. You cannot make effective marketing efforts if you do not measure what the results are. In your hosting account you will be able to install any of the following: GCount, Piwik.
With PHPGcount is a PHP graphical hit counter. It comes with many styles to choose from and you can add your own styles easily! It can count hits for multiple pages of your website or even websites on other servers.
With Piwik is an open source (GPL licensed) real time web analytics software program. It provides you with detailed reports on your website visitors: the search engines and keywords they used, the language they speak, your popular pages and so much more.
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